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War of the Angels:

The Dark World


War of the Angels II:


While working on Top Secret Papers from the President of the United States, something out of this world happened...


Sports Executive Michael Mullen recounts chilling journeys to a Secret World of Angels at War.


"War of the Angels: The Dark World" is a TRUE story of supernatural encounters that warn of an escalating Middle East conflict that culminates into World War III and the coming reign of the Antichrist. Although the book was written a quarter-century ago, it was not released until August, 2001, a mere three weeks prior to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The final chapter was written in the year 2000, telling that Islamic terrorism would spread to every nation, including the United States. Ironically, Mullen wrote that chapter while living with Mohamed Atta, the mastermind of the WTC terrorist attack. He again crossed paths with Atta just prior to 9-11, an occurrence that drew the attention of the FBI.


In 1976, Michael Mullen was writing a book about the horrendous sinking of the WWII ship, USS Indianapolis (of JAWS fame), based upon TOP SECRET papers released exclusively to him by President Gerald Ford. Mullen had the interest of every major publishing house in the country, when suddenly, the Man on the Shroud of Turin commanded that he quit writing that book, and instead, write what would become War of the Angels. He told Mullen, "Write what you see."


War of the Angels was Divinely Inspired. It was written as commanded by the Man whose image is embedded on the Shroud of Turin. It is based upon first-hand encounters. Not only does it detail the world of angels, but also such phenomena as: the Star of Bethlehem; the Shroud of Turin; the Cloud World of the Rapture; the Bottomless Pit of the demons; and much more. Mullen saw SahTAHN being cast into hell, and he stood beside Jesus in the Great White Throne Room as World War Three was launched by Russia. War of the Angels "takes you there." War of the Angels is the most authoritative book on angel warfare ever written. It is based upon actual experiences, written by a very credible source.


Michael Mullen helped pioneer the NBA into the computer age. He was recognized as the top computer analyst in professional basketball, and was acknowledged by the White House and the U.S. Senate. He also had career stints in Major League Baseball, USA Olympics, was General Manager for the former Ringling Bros. winter headquarters, hosted Fox Sports TV events. He chaired sports career seminars with teams from every major sport and authored "How To Get A Job in Sports. He is currently a full time author, with multiple published books.


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For forty years, Jesus removed Michael Mullen from his body and escorted him to the Spirit World where he told him, "Write what you see."


"War of the Angels: Allah" is the true story of those supernatural encounters. There is nothing like this Divinely Guided book. It is not a replacement of the Bible. It is not in addition to the Bible. It is a witnessing tool for your family and friends to go pick up a Bible.


This highly anticipated book is finally available after many years in production.  It is not a sequel to the original War of the Angels. The subject matter of the original was about the author, and the supernatural events he encountered. War of the Angels II: Allah. is about SahTAHN battling

 I AM throughout the ages, from the original heavenly rebellion to the final, desperate attempt by SahTAHN at capturing the Lord's Throne as King of the World. This will open your eyes as to how he thinks and his battle plans. You will meet the Lord and SahTAHN and get to know them, as Mullen describes his eyewitness accounts in great detail like never before. Every chapter is filled with italicized supernatural encounters and Prophetic words from the Lord. This book makes the "Left Behind" series read like a made-up comic book. This is real.


Although this epic book of 400 pages is a TRUE story, it reads like an adventure novel from the viewpoint of SahTAHN. Nothing like this has ever been written.


Today conspiracy theories abound, but War of the Angels:  Allah will supernaturally show the reader that we are not fighting human versus human. This is a war between I AM and SahTAHN. Humans are pawns. And by writing what Yeshua showed the author, you will know for the first time what this war is truly about. Why the world is out of control. Why the governments are behaving in strange ways. Demons are ruling the governments and the world. Liberals do not believe such spiritual beings even exist, so they will laugh their heads off mocking this book. On the other hand, thousands will write and testify that they heard spiritual voices while reading. One such testimony about the original said, "This book is ALIVE!" It is alive. It is very alive.


Listen quietly as you read this book. Thousands of readers gave testimony about the original book, how they heard voices clear as day as they read, some good, some bad, depending upon which god you serve.